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#I: Backsea Road#I: Backsea Road#II: Mithryn Shipyard#III: Ograf's Warchest#IV: Mistress Anale's Brothel#V: Sacred Copse#VI: Mage's Guild, Mithryn Chapter#VII: Beggar's Road#VIII: Mithryn Castle#IX: Graveyard (Upper Class)#X: Office#XI: Royal Stable#XII: Royal Armory#XIII: Dwarven Brothel#XIV: Mining Center#XV: Carpenter's Guild#XVI: Barin Hotspring#XVII: Graveyard of Heroes#XVIII: The Black Wall#XIX: Marketplace#XX: King's Square#XXI: Barracks#XXII: Hunting Grounds#XXIII: Tannery#XXIV: Stables#XXV: Graveyard (Middle Class)#XXVI: Chadry's Warehouse#XXVII: Beary's Inn#SawmillMithryn.png
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Locations of Interest[]

I: Backsea Road[]

Roads leading along the outside of the walls from the east and west gates to the shipyard.

II: Mithryn Shipyard[]

The Mithryn shipyard is only open for six months out of the year, but during those months it is important for getting the city supplies for the next winter.

III: Ograf's Warchest[]

Ograf's Warchest is run by Ograf, the most skilled blacksmith in Mithryn.

IV: Mistress Anale's Brothel[]

A commonly visited brothel located just outside the city walls to the west. A location frequently used for conducting some of the less savory business around town.

V: Sacred Copse[]

VI: Mage's Guild, Mithryn Chapter[]

The local chapter of the Mage's Guild, it is currently under the management of the Arcanist Turgûl Templaistar.

VII: Beggar's Road[]

The road leading along the outside of the walls from Ord Pass to the slums. The Tannery is located on this road.

VIII: Mithryn Castle[]

The castle and residence of the royal family, it is well defended by a "moat" of spikes. The road leading to the castle has the statues commemorating the royal linage.

IX: Graveyard (Upper Class)[]

X: Office[]

The local office.

XI: Royal Stable[]

The royal stables house the noble steeds of the royal family, such as King Ataeus' favored horse.

XII: Royal Armory[]

Armory for the royal guard and royal family.

XIII: Dwarven Brothel[]

A popular location for the local dwarven miners to relax after a long day mining. Usually avoided by non-dwarven folk.

XIV: Mining Center[]

The mining center serves as the headquarters for the mithril mining operations that the city thrives on.

XV: Carpenter's Guild[]

XVI: Barin Hotspring[]

XVII: Graveyard of Heroes[]

XVIII: The Black Wall[]

A large wall surrounding the town made of black stone. There are several towers along the wall for the guards to keep watch from.

XIX: Marketplace[]

XX: King's Square[]

XXI: Barracks[]

XXII: Hunting Grounds[]

XXIII: Tannery[]

XXIV: Stables[]

XXV: Graveyard (Middle Class)[]

XXVI: Chadry's Warehouse[]

XXVII: Beary's Inn[]