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Lycanthropy is, a disease or a hereditary condition that causes humans to change form, usually into a hybrid humanoid-animal state. This disease is shrouded with many many rumors. A lycanthrope is an individual who possesses this condition. Lycanthropes are not in control of their ability to transform. Most lycanthropes have some empathy with animals with which they share their forms and tend to become the alpha in the event that they are lycanthropes of social creatures. This tends to cause the rest of the pack, herd, pride, etc. to follow the lycanthrope's aggressive actions.

NOTE: Lycanthropes are immune to Porphyric Hemophilia.

Physical Appearance Edit

Superficially, lycanthropes resemble their original species but with the head of the specific animal whose shape they are cursed with. In the rare event that a lycanthrope is caught in the unfiltered beams of Vultus, he or she will return to their humanoid form. Unfortunately for them, being caught in Arwaith's piercing gaze will return them to their lycanthropic state and there is no cure that allows them to walk in the presence of the moon.

Lycanthropy Edit

Lycanthropy infects animals of all sorts, being passed on via biting. If a wolf that carries the disease is bitten by a flea which in turn bites a cat, the cat will then become a carrier of the disease. However, fleas and other parasites cannot infect humanoids for unknown reasons. Animals infected by the disease are not turned into a lycanthrope, but simply become rabid and violent, but when they bite a humanoid, the humanoid will become a lycanthrope of whichever animal bit him or her.

Brave adventurers have noticed that lycanthropes tend to be more powerful as the moon is in its brighter phases as well as weaker and slower when the moon is lower in visibility.

Contracting Lycanthropy Edit

  1. Most victims of attacks are entirely mauled to death by lycanthropes. However, if a victim is bitten by a creature carrying the disease and survives, they immediately start experiencing disorientation.
  2. The next twenty-four hours are often spent wandering in a disoriented manner, usually babbling incoherently. Toward the end of this period, the victim will lose consciousness, collapsing wherever they are.
  3. The next two to three hours are spent writhing in pain, being rocked back to consciousness, vomiting, and then passing back out due to the twisting pain deep within the victim's gut. This process repeats many times during this period of the infection.
  4. As the victim is pulled back to consciousness once more, their entire bone and muscle structures ache horribly as they are restructured to be similar to that of the animal that infected them.
  5. After about thirty minutes, the newly born-again lycanthrope has regained its strength, starting its new life as a feral beast.
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