Magic is fairly abundant and accepted in Darvasi. The Mage's Guild was established to provide a regulatory body to prevent misuse of magic, as well as provide for the further education and development of magic.

Becoming a CasterEdit

The ability to cast magic is thought to be passed down through generations, sometimes skipping several. It is believed that those who are able to cast magic are direct descendants of the magi first taught by Oluwai and Srah or those first who devoted themselves to the service of the gods.

However, through what bloodline druids receive their abilities is a point of controversy. Some think it is a corrupted form of divine magic an comes from some of the first priests who forsook the gods to worship Etan. Others think it is an anomaly and a blasphemy of the gods. Most mortals however are not really concerned with where the ability comes from as long as it can help them.


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The Mage's Guild regulates the use of magic and requires all magic users to be registered with them. A caster must be registered with the guild to cast magic. Additionally, a caster is only allowed to cast certain spells, depending on the area they are in.

When a child shows any ability to use any type of magic, he or she is taken to the nearest mage's guild hall where they are registered as capable of using magic. If the guild determines that the child is worthy, the child is offered the opportunity to remain with the guild, becoming a full member, and be trained by the guild. If one does not become a member as a child, they can still become one later.


Druids in Darvasi are very hard to regulate and frequently live outside the bounds of society. This makes most people leery of druids, as they are not well understood. However, most will tolerate them if they are willing to help improve the crop yield of the local farms. The Mage's Guild have a special dislike of druids as they tend to resist the guild's regulations and refuse to register with the guild.

It is rumored that the druids are all part of a secret cult. They have secret rituals, initiation rites, and a special language known only among the druids. Whether these rumors are true is difficult to ascertain, but most druids insist that druids usually operate independently, preferring to commune with Etan without the interference of other mortals.

It is known that most druids revere the Guardians of the Mother for their work in bringing the living Etan to the attention of the other gods and protecting Etan from the devastation some would visit upon the world. However, it is generally not well understood where druids receive their ability. Many erroneously believe that the Guardians of the Mother allow them to cast spells.

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