Marbleshore Point is a cliff made entirely of polished marble located at the very end of the Marbleshore Peninsula. Carved from the cliff is a statue of each of the Sator. Lowest on the cliff is the statue of Glaile, laying with her back in the water. Above her, seeming to be tearing his way out of the cliffs, is Ogden. Above him, sitting on the top of the cliff is Faris, cradling an ever-burning torch in one arm while pointing to the exact spot in the sky where Vultus was created with her other arm. Finally, standing next to her is Ardel, his hands to the sky as the wind blows between his hands. No one knows the origin of the statues, and the waves and tide don't seem to errode Glaile's statue--or even reach the others. It is assumed that the Sator themselves placed the statues there.

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