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Mathias Harper

(2162AL - 6155AL)

Vital Statistics
Campaign Grand Unification Campaign
Race Human (Originally)
Gender Male

Mathias Harper is a millennium old student of the art of Necrological Manipulation and master of Necromancy. He was an apprentice of Barnabas Crowe until he killed Barnabas's wife in a fit of jealousy.


Little is known about Mathias's background prior to his apprenticeship under Barnabas. All that is known is that he came Barnabas with a strong interest in the healing arts. He told Barnabas that his parents had been killed in the Lithacian War, and just like Barnabas, he was unable to save his parents from dying. Barnabas reluctantly took Mathias on as an apprentice after several requests from Mathias. Mathis turned out to be a very dedicated and bright individual who learned very quickly under Barnabas’s tutelage.

Branching OutEdit

After five years of study under Barnabas, Mathis began to feel as though he was being held back. He left Barnabas to strike out on his own studies. After a few months of struggling to understand the new healing techniques and several disastrous experiments, he realized that he was unable to keep up with Barnabas, much less surpass him. Mathias reluctantly went back to Barnabas to continue his apprenticeship.

Isabella KraussEdit

In 2195AL, Barnabas fell in love with Isabella Krauss, who also caught Mathias's eye. After two years, Barnabas and Isabella were wed and Mathias grew extremely jealous. Shortly before the Crowe's first anniversary, Mathias became enraged during an argument and killed Isabella in a rage. He performed a resurrection, but her memory was largely lost in the process, due to Mathias’s inexperience with resurrections. He decided to convince her that she had been married to him and Barnabas had kidnapped her to run experiments on. Mathias and Isabella ran away and disappeared.

Involvement in Grand Unification CampaignEdit

After Grand Unification CampaignEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit


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