Strange events start happening in the small mining town of Mithryn.



Main article: Doren

A local dwarven miner.


Main article: Hammish

A local huntsman who lives outside the town and makes a living off of his hunts.


Main article: Kaynook

Nerin's halfling chief assistant.


Main article: Nerin

A local business man who has developed a strong control over most of the local business.


Main article: Richard

Chief aid to the King of Mithryn investigating an increase in Thieves Guild activity.


Main article: Tess

The half-elven matriarch of the Thieves Guild who was driven from Mithryn many years ago and has recently returned.

Turgûl Templaistar

Main article: Turgûl Templaistar

The head of the local Mage's Guild branch. Looking for any way to get reassigned to another town.

Forix and Hinel Verum

Main article: Forix and Hinel Verum

Twin travelers in grey robes who are mugged in Mithryn and wake up in a tavern to find their equipment stolen.

Pluvia 15 Forix and Hinel Verum arrive in Mithryn and are mugged. They are found in a tavern just south of town where a brawl breaks out with mysterious strangers.
Pluvia 17 A bandit's camp is destroyed and it is discovered that the bandits were the same ones that mugged Forix and Hinel Verum.
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