The Moon is the physical manfestation of Arwaith through the Divine Barrier. It is the manifestation of his eye as he peers down upon Etan, plotting it's destruction. His eye is continually being pursued by Faris and Vultus through the heavens. When Arwaith comes close Vultus, he lowers his lid to hide from pursuit and opens if again once Vultus ias passed. This causes a series of "phases" of his eye to be observed.

When Arwaith's eye is fully opened, which happens during the first of the month, many mortals tend to become wary of the night. Many of Arwaith's servants become bolder and more agressive during this time. Around the third week of each month, the eye is completely closed and many of Arwaith's servants prefer to remain dormant if possible. During Memoria, Arwaith's eye remains hidden, possibly in preparation for returning at the beginning of the next year.

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