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Vital Statistics
Title Death, The Broken Heir
Status Damned
Divine Level Minor
Domains Death, Nex
Gender Male
History is written by the victors.
Death Gate

Mortis and His Gate

Mortis (MOR-tiss) is the god of death and head of Nex, a large weapons research facility dedicated to creating new and more terrible ways to destroy Etan. Mortis takes great pleasure in his work and enjoys unleashing it upon the world.


During the First Divine War, Arwaith, upset with Nerunelümo's decision to remain neutral, created Mortis. Wanting the God of Knowledge on his side, his intent was to create an heir for Nerunelümo. Arwaith sent Mortis out to gather information on the Sator to allow Arwaith to strike Etan from the best angle. Unfortunately, Mortis did not possess the skills or nonchalant behavior that Nerunelümo had and was discovered as an agent of Arwaith. Mortis was forced to retreat to back to Nex. When the Sator forced Arwaith to flee, Mortis was ordered to remain behind to cover the retreat. When the Sator took Nex and captured Mortis, they banished both Nex and Mortis to a realm below Etan.

Mortis spent years developing creatures and weapons for use against Etan and waiting for Arwaith's return. When the Second Divine War started, Mortis unleashed most of the monsters he had created. When the Divine Barrier went up, he returned to Nex to continue developing new terrors and unleashing them upon Etan any chance he gets.

One of his more favorite creations is the Noctus, a creature that specializes in stealth and is designed to capture someone in the night and steal their soul for use in Mortis's research. It is this creation that has earned Mortis the title of God of Death.


Mortis is a methodical, sadistic inventor. He has a personality akin to that of a "mad scientist," arrogant and self absorbed. The only opinion he cares about besides his own is Arwaith's. Mortis is fiercely and unwaveringly loyal to Arwaith who he believes to be the only one smarter than himself.


Open followers of Mortis are quickly lynched, stoned, beheaded, or otherwise executed. The only members of society that pray to him do so in secret. Most worshipers believe that they will be rewarded with protection, power, eternal life, or even Etan its self if they are loyal and dedicated enough.

Mortis’ followers are often necromancers and summoners. They enjoy the power they have over their summoned allies and love to record information about said summons. As their summon partakes in combat, they are always watching, observing the battle and strategy of each combatant. Even if their summon is losing the battle, the summoner is more likely to continue watching instead of joining in to help.

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