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Vital Statistics
Title The Guardian
Divine Level Minor
Domains Nature, Foraging
Gender Female
Brick and iron taint and choke Etan. Predators do as they must, but the decadence of civilization over-complicates the life and love that the gracious land has to give.
  — Mylu

Mylu (MEYE-loo), the Guardian, the Doe is the one of the Guardians of the Mother. Each has their own belief of how Etan's wildlife should be protected, causing them to rarely see eye to eye. Unlike her siblings, Mylu believes that Man should integrate into Nature.


Like the other Guardians of the Mother, Mylu did not partake in the Divine Schism. Rather, she did what she could to keep nature from being harmed collaterally by the bickering. Unlike the other gods, the Schism actually brought the Guardians closer together.


Like Selu, Mylu believes that nature and humanoids can happily and healthfully coexist. However, differing from Selu's belief, she believes that man should leave behind their troublesome cities and towns for the simplicity of a life close to nature. She prefers foraging over Kanati's hunting. While predators must hunt, Mylu feels that humans hunt far more than they have to. Her followers tend to live as hermits or "uncivilized" tribes. She does not provide divine power for her followers. Instead, she wants them to grow more attuned with the life of Etan that surrounds them.


Mylu’s followers are all hermits. A follower of Mylu living in anything larger than a tiny wooden hut is practically unheard of. Rather than metal tools, these druids use only natural wood and stone. Her favored animal companion is the deer.

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