Myra Sharpe

Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Female
Spouse Fröstewölste

Myra Sharpe was born to a band of traveling merchants who traveled throughout the northern regions of Darvasi. One day while stopped in a khin town, she met a khin diplomat by the name of Fröstewölste. Fröst became enamored with her and persuaded her to stay in town for several days while he attempted to court her. Eventually she fell in love, and married Fröst much to the dismay of his elders. They moved to a small cabin on the shore of Bald Lake. Fröst joined the Mage's Guild in order to make a living and support Myra and she learned how to fish to help support herself.

In 3655AL, she was attacked in her home by thieves. They kidnapped her and took her to the north. Eventually, they came upon a small shelter on the outskirts of the Blasted Lands. They decided to stay there for the night since they could find no one there. In the middle of the night, the thieves were ambushed and killed by a mysterious wizard. The wizard took Myra deeper into the shelter through a secret passage. She was taken into a room where the wizard kept many more people he had kidnapped. Most of them had been ambushed after coming out of a cave they had no idea how they got into. Fröst eventually arrived with a group of heroes and rescued her and the other victims while the wizard was away.

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