The Winged Terror
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Breed Black
Thralls 1150
Favored Race Orcs
Neceron Onslaught

Neceron and Thralls in Battle

Neceron was one of Arwaith's great champion dragons in the Second Divine War, and had personally brought armies of mortals and even some minor gods to their knees. The sight of Neceron is said to strike a new kind of fear into the hearts of mortals that they have never before been capable of experiencing - this renders armies virtually defenseless before its onslaught of carnage. Neceron was ultimately killed by Ogden and Faris together near the end of the Second Divine War - however, Arwaith's will was bent upon it, and it would not be undone so easily. After a dreamless sleep for over 1000 years, Neceron was reborn as a terrible dragon in living death. It's power was somewhat diminished, but with the Divine Barrier preventing the direct assistance of the gods, Neceron was able to cut a swathe through the civilizations.
Dying Neceron

Neceron Defeated Once Again

Legend tells that Neceron is truly immortal, and when vanquished merely passes into sleep for a millennium. According to this legend, its scattered indestructible bones will one day spring back to life, rejoin with each other and wreak havoc upon mortals once again.

Neceron's thralls accumulate to approximately 1150, with 37% being Orcs. 17% of his thralls are elves, specifically Il'gwaith, or Dark Elves. Dwarves make up 15%, Khin are 11%, and Humans make up 10%. Gnomes and Halflings are each only 1% of his army and the other 5% are his proudest creations, abomonations that he has managed to create via interbreeding his thralls. He also has the largest amount of Wyverns, unleashing terrifying attacks of Wyvern Riders. Even though Neceron takes most of his thralls by force, they did not leave his roost when he was destroyed in the years 2245 AL and 3655 AL.

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