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Necromancy is the questionable vandalism of a divine healing art paired with a scientific healing practice. It was originally created by Barnabas Crowe with good intent. At the time, it was simply a way of communicating with the dead and healing the living. As time passed, he came upon darker and darker secrets that could lead to the worsening of the school. Taking it upon himself to protect these secrets, Crowe used some to aid him in his plight. As parts of his body failed with damage or age, he replaced them with those of the dead. With time, he could conscript the aid of the dead to assist him. Eventually he found himself betrayed by his apprentice, Mathias Harper, who let his hubris overwhelm him. Harper delved further into the combination of divine and scientific healing. He learned of soul-play which is any taboo magic that affects unwilling souls. Taking on the name of Drake, Harper used the darker sides of his master's art to increase his power and strive for immortality. Therefore, in spite of Crowe creating the art of Necrological Manipulation, Necromancy's true father is arguably Drake.

Necrological Manipulation vs. NecromancyEdit

Necrological Manipulation is not taboo nor is it illegal. This being the case, it still is not the most welcome of arts and is commonly confused for Necromancy. Necrology is the science and magic of manipulating the corpses and souls of the willing. A mage or priest may make a request of a soul through the metaphysical plane and if the soul is willing, it will provide the support or information the living requests. Necromancy, on the other hand, is the magic that forces souls or corpses into conscripted actions. This is illegal and precisely what "Lifeforce" was founded to fight.

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Soul-play is the act of illegally manipulating souls. This includes soul-trapping for the taboo enchantment or cursing of items (enchantment of items via soul-play will result an enchanted item of nearly legendary power) , unwillful soul transfer of two or more souls between bodies, unwillful soul recall such as the summoning of a ghost, soul destruction which results in the entirety of the targeted soul being destroyed with no chance of afterlife, and soul drinking which brings the drinker closer to immortality with each soul. There is also rumor of a way to store one's soul in one or more items for the sake of not requiring a body to stay on the material plane. Theorists believe the soul is stored in an item that has meaning to the necromancer, this anchors the mind to the material plane and as the body is destroyed, it may find a new one in time. Rumors speak of this being Neceron's means of immortality.

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