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Vital Statistics
Title The Watcher
Divine Level Minor
Domains Interconnectedness
Gender Male

Nerunelümo (NAIR-roo-NEL-yoo-moh) is an enigmatic deity of mysterious origin. He often says "all things are interconnected" and is said to be able to see the connections between every creature and object in the universe. For this reason, he is called "the god of interconnectedness" by many. Some people find this to be a mouthful, however, so he has been given other names, such as "the watcher", "the writer", and "patient one".


Nerunelümo was the first minor god to show up at Etan. The moment he arrived, he began cataloging all events and compiling all past events to the best of his considerable ability.

When Arwaith returned, starting the First Divine War, Nerunelümo managed to stay out or the conflict when observing and cataloging it. When Skoros arrived, it is believed that Nerunelümo figured out Skoros's mission. Skoros attempted several times to recruit Nerunelümo for Arwaith's cause, failing every time. Nerunelümo also remained neutral through the Divine Schism and Second Divine War.


Some believe Nerunelümo is even more powerful than any of the Sator, and that he was created outside of the rules of time and space. Others even claim that he is a god like Arwaith, without a creator and with similar powers. However, It is most commonly believed that he was created by Arwaith shortly after the structuring of time by the Sator, and he simply possesses unusual (but limited) powers that the other gods do not fully understand. He is somehow able to completely elude conflict with the other gods, even Arwaith.


Nerunelümo is a very enigmatic deity. He has the personality of a being observing a situation with no real concern for how the events unfold. Anytime a god attempts to enlist Nerunelümo's help, or tries to force him to do something, he always managed to dodge the attempts. He is content to simply sit back and watch the events of the world unfold, and record them in detail.


There are many worshipers of Nerunelümo of all races, but they are never granted powers like priests of other deities are. Most of the faithful of Nerunelümo are scribes, who record their local histories and preserve ancient texts, as recording history is his only command to his followers.

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