Nex is a six-layered hell of terrible beings that could easily strike fear into the strongest of dragons. It was once visible as a small cone in the sky that freely circled Etan. Later the Sator banished it to a realm below Etan.

History Edit

Nex was created during the First Divine War by Arwaith as a base of operations and a place to develop new creations to destroy Etan. Here he created Mortis and Vomica to assist him in Etan's destruction. Over time, he filled it with massive armies of creatures ready for nearly any ecosystem. However, once the Sator drove Arwaith away and realized the purpose of Nex, all of Nex was plucked from the heavens and placed in another realm below Etan. Shortly after, the Sator re-opened the opening to the other realm, forcing Mortis inside. Now, Mortis spends his days filling Nex with all kinds of horrors waiting for any oportunity to strike.

Environment Edit

Each of the six layers of Nex contains a differing environment, each one inhabited with an entire ecosystem of non-sentient demons and one species of sentient devils at the top of the food chain.

Layers Edit

The various layers of Nex starting from the top are:

  1. Glaciex - A frozen wasteland
  2. Palux - A dark, chilly, foul-smelling swamp
  3. Silvex - A dark, foggy forest
  4. Aspex - A humid, dark jungle
  5. Incultax - A blistering, hot desert with freezing nights
  6. Ignix - A burning lake of fire

Devils Edit

Each layer is ruled by a species of devils who maintain the tormenting conditions of their respective layer.

  1. Imp - Cold-hearted, mischievous creatures of ice ruling over Glaciex
  2. Queperwar - Four-legged, two-mouthed, tree-climber ruling over Palux
  3. Ujisi - Winged black wolves with glowing green eyes ruling over Silvex
  4. Worwor - Hairy, agile bipeds with thick facial bone-plating ruling over Aspex
  5. Tursul - Gigantic beasts covered in boney armor ruling over Incultax
  6. Demoris - A single four-armed devil, ruling over Ignix and constantly reborn of his own ashes whenever he dies
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