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Vital Statistics
Title The Wise
Status Unknown
Divine Level Racial
Gender Female

Noldol'sul (NOL-dol-sul), the Wise was once an Elf of great wisdom. She was the leader of a group of wise elves that did their part to keep Etan safe from destruction. She was uplifted into an extuli and sat on the Council of Valdûn.


Noldol'sul's group would often be consulted for the strategic planning against the mortal forces of the Dark Lords. The Shoraelaer Orna, or Wizened Owls, were witnessed by Valdûn and branded with Chorrah. As a god brands a mortal with a Chorrah, the mortal becomes a divine being. Because she was the leader of the Owls, she became the elven representative on Valdûn's council.


Noldol'sul was wise and methodical. She was often able to observe and exploit details many others could not. This made her an excellent strategist, and her wisdom was frequently referred to by the rest of the council.


Noldol'sul's followers were mostly Elves. They included wisemen, monks, and others strong of mind and will that would fight for the protection of Etan.

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