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Vital Statistics
Title The Resolute
Divine Level Greater
Domains Earth, Resolve
Creations Earth, Etan, Humans, Dwarves
Gender Male

Ogden (AHG-den), the Resolute, is the God of Earth and one of the Sator created by Arwaith before the ordering of the universe.


Ogden created the element of earth, and like all the Sator, had a hand in ordering time, and creating Etan and the humans in the early days of the Age of Creation.

At the beginning of the Divine Schism, Ogden altered humans and created dwarves. During the Second Divine War, Ogden was the last to set aside his issues with the other Sator and join the fight against Arwaith.


Ogden is very stubborn and difficult to persuade. He is one to hold a grudge and it is difficult to gain his trust. However, once that trust is earned, Ogden is one of the most loyal allies one can have.


Ogden's followers include dwarves and guards. His followers are usually distrusting but fiercely loyal to those that have earned that trust.

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