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Vital Statistics
Title The Arcanist
Divine Level Minor
Domains Arcane Magic
Creations Arcane Magic
Gender Male
Learning is the first step to learning more.
  — Oluwai

Oluwai (OH-loo-way), is considered the god of arcane magic. He took a strong interest in the "building blocks" used to create the universe, elements, and Etan.


When Oluwai arrived at Etan, he took a great interest in the building blocks the Sator manipulated to create the elements and Etan. He spent years studying the universe, trying to manipulate it like the Sator had. He was able to manipulate it, but never on the level the Sator, much less Arwaith, had. He eventually decided to teach the mortals how to manipulate the universe. He found several mortals willing to dedicate their lives to the complicated study of the arcane. He set about teaching them how to manipulate the universe around them. These mortals went on to spread the teachings which became know as arcane magic.


Oluwai is very wise and intelligent, making him the perfect god to put in the research to understand Arcane magic. However his is somewhat absent minded and care little of anything but his research and teaching others about it.


Oluwai isn't really worshiped by any mortals as he is usually too wrapped up in his studies to grant divine powers. He does however have several followers who have a similar passion for the arcane arts. Those who follow him call him the Father of Arcane Magic, due to his creation of the art. Many arcane scholars attempt to communicate with him to gain a greater understanding of arcane magic.