Vital Statistics
Creator Skoros
Average Height 5'0"-6'8"
Average Weight 120-220
Maturity 15
Life Span 40

Their numbers may be great, their warcry may be strong, and their muscles may be hale, but as arrows burn in the sky and the chill gnaws on their flesh, as the drums blare out their wretched beat and the fiends swarm our very way of life, you should keep this in mind. Your passion burns hotter than your arrows, and your steel is colder than this air! Know that your very heartbeat can be stronger than their drums! And know that we are outnumbered four to one! A fantastic challange and a glorious day, and I wouldn't miss it for the world!
  — Lord Utaeus, Leader and General of Mardint, Defending against Or-ku-gkal Clan

Physical Appearance Edit

Orcs are a scarred and bastardized race of humanoids. Their average height is taller than that of humans, standing 5'0" to 6'8". Their muscle mass is typically greater than a human's and so, they usually weigh between 120-275 depending on their genetics. Their skin varies greatly, showing shades of brown, grey, black, or olive green and their hair is black, greesy, and long. Their eyes are grey, yellow, or red and shimmers in the right light.
An Orc may die of age by 35-40 but rarely do they make it beyond 15 due to their violent lifestyle.

Personality Edit

Orcs are a very warlike race and it shows in nearly everything they do. Even the gentlest Orcs have tempermental issues by human standards. While most deaths take place on the battlefield, a good number die in the "safety" of their tribe's village. Orcs believe in the survival of the fittest and so, if one spites another, the only law enforcement is the fight that ensues between the two of them. The survivor is the one that is in the right as far as the tribe cares.

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