Beneath the frozen hell of Glaciex is Palux, a chilly swamp. Rather than lethally freezing winds, Palux is filled with a putrid stench and corrosive swamp-water. The damned find themselves being tormented for all eternity by the painful burn of the waters they wade through.

Geography Edit

Palux is nothing but thick, muddy, acidic marshes with no end. Were a living being to arrive in the swamp, he would find it well advised to stay in the wiry tangles of tree trunks, climbing above the deadly swamp. However, Queperwar, also known as Shrieking Devils, are able to paralyze anything with its shriek. Somewhere in the darkness and mud there is a huge circular log dam, preventing the water from falling through the crater leading to Silvex.

Lifeforms Edit

Queperwar Edit

Demons Edit

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