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Etan Wiki: History portal

From the earliest days to the present age, the history of Etan is exciting, rich in detail and totally engrossing. Take a trip into the past, whether it's thousands and thousands of years, or just yesterday.

Reckoning of Time

The calendar year consists of twelve months of five six day weeks with a five day memorial week at the end of each year.
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Major Conflicts

Throughout the history of Etan, armies have clashed on countless occasions and blood has been spilt virtually everywhere. These are the more notable conflicts:

Divine Wars (c. 2350 AP, 2000 - 2012 AF
First Divine WarSecond Divine War
Two wars fought by the Sator in defense of Etan from Arwaith.
Divine Schism (1611 - 2010 AF
A series of wars amongst the gods and their mortal creations.
Lithacian War (2180 - 2235 AL
A war started by a sneak attack on Laetifico by Sollicitus and sparking a chain reaction of alliances joining the conflict.
Mage War (3594 - 3624 AL
A war between the kingdoms of Corthin and Dröst who deployed large armies of magi.

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Ages of Time

The recorded history of the known world is split into three ages, each a distinct and fascinating period of its own.

Age of Creation 
2350 years
Age of Gods 
2012 years
Age of Mortality 
3693+ years
Major Events

These significant, world-wide events had a major impact on Etan and form part of common knowledge through out Etan:

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