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Etan Wiki: Pantheon portal

The Pantheon of Etan is large and varied, containing many gods. All created by the overgod Arwaith, the multitude of gods have followers all over Etan whom most gods grant a small bit of divine power to.


The first deities Arwaith created ordered time, and created the elements, Etan, and humans. For this they are collectively referred to as the Sator meaning "creator" in Sanctus. After driving Arwaith away, they also created the dwarves, elves, khin, and saquan, and began fighting amongst themselves. This caused much destruction on Etan but when Arwaith returned again, they eventually banded together and fought against Arwaith. They are widely worshiped throughout Etan and their churches are the largest religious groups across Etan.

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Counsel of Valdûn

The Council of Valdûn was founded during the Second Divine War when Valdûn elevated several members of reach race aligned against the Dark Lords. He created the council with the leader of each elevated race. This council's purpose is to advocate to the gods for members of their respective races. While the elevated leaders cannot grant power to their followers, many times a mortal will pray to them for assistance with the other gods.

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Guardians of the Mother

The Guardians of the Mother are a group of deities who have dedicated themselves to understanding Etan as a living being. When they arrived, almost nothing was known about how the world had grown into what it was. It obviously had been creating life of its own, but the gods didn't know why. The Guardians joined together and studied it and soon learned that the world had come to life. They took it upon themselves to guard and protect Etan, which they began calling "The Mother." Followers of the Guardians are not granted divine powers like to followers of most gods. Instead, they find a greater synergy with Etan.

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[edit]Other Minor Gods

There are many Minor Gods not directly affiliated with any organized group. Their allegiances vary from siding with or against Arwaith in the First Divine War, or siding with one of the Sator during the Divine Schism, to remaining rouge through out history. They are worshiped by mortals from all of Etan for anything the mortals feel relates to the deities domain.

Dark Lords

The Dark Lords are the deities who have found Etan and mortal life to be an affront to their very existence. Lead by Arwaith, they have dedicated themselves to the complete destruction of creation and used evil and trickery to accomplish their goals. Those that worship the Dark Lords usually do so either out of fear, or, more often, a misconception that they shall be granted power for their dedication and loyalty. It is a common for a Dark Lord to promise eternal life to a mortal to encourage loyalty. Many deities have fought along side the Dark Lords, but these are the deities who have an unwavering loyalty to the destruction of Etan.

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Creation of Etan

In the beginning, Arwaith molded together the universe and time as a swirling void of chaos, random and without form. He used a portion of his power to create the four Sator: Ardel, Faris, Glaile, and Ogden. For his amusement, he chained all of existance to reside within his own rules of time and space. Once Arwaith grew bored, he left the four deities to themselves in pursuit of other interests.

In Arwaith's absence, the Sator restructured time, created light, and each created their own element. They then worked together to use the elements, time, and light to construct Etan as a throne for Arwaith. Arwaith returned but was not impressed by the world. To the disappointment of the Sator, he left for the cosmos again, so the Sator decided to take Etan as their own personal home.

Eventually, the Sator grew bored and lonely and decided to make another creation. After much experimentation, they discovered, together, that they were able to create life. They populated Etan with many plants and animals. However, the Sator were unsatisfied with creating simple animals, so they begin trying to create intelligent beings to populate Etan. The beings they eventually created they called human and the Sator were happy with Etan. For many years, the Sator lived in harmony with the humans and the many minor gods that arrived from the cosmos.

Eventually, Arwaith returned to Etan and saw the work the Sator had done. He became enraged upon seeing life created by deities other than himself, and demanded that the Sator destroy Etan. The Sator refused, and Arwaith proceeded to attack Etan in an attempt to destroy it. The Sator, backed by most of the minor gods, moved to stop Arwaith. They are able to repel him and he retreated back into to the cosmos.

In Arwith's absence, Etan and it's several deities thrived. Several years later, Arwaith created Skoros and sent him do split the Sator up. Skoros started secretly sowing dissent between the gods. The gods began to bicker amongst themselves. Eventually, the Sator decided they could each create a race better then humans without the help of the others. The dwarves, elves, khin, and saquan were each created and placed on Etan.

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