Robert Strauss

(485AL - )

Vital Statistics
Campaign Scorched Earth Campaign
Title Staff Sergeant
Race Khin
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Weight 195lbs.
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Skin Color Pale
Faction Khin military
Birthplace Bielefeld
Father Gabriel Abendroth
Mother Clara Kirsch


Early life and zunft trainingEdit

Born in the village of Bielefeld in 485 AL to sorcerer Gabriel Abendroth and academician Clara Kirsch, Robert demonstrated an unusual adeptness for academic and arcane studies from an early age. His parents delighted in this affinity and pushed him toward a career in wizardry. However, Robert frustrated them and surprised his entire community when he joined the Strauss military zunft at the traditional age of 15. Thanks to his fondness for his studies, he was fast-tracked for command during his apprenticeship. However, his relative lack of charisma left him reliant on his fellow officers to ensure execution of his orders, impairing his progression through the ranks. He and his friends formed a small cadre within the zunft as compensation for their individual deficiencies. They became mildly infamous in the zunft as the “Fatal Vier”, or the “Fatal Four”, for an exemplary record in training exercises.

Military careerEdit

By the end of their apprenticeship, the “Fatal Vier” had managed to graduate with honors, each achieving the rank of Stabsgefreiter, or Corporal. However, some elements in the Strauss leadership had grown uncomfortable with the group's proficiency, and saw fit to split the group upon graduation, deploying each on separate sabbaticals. Since then, Robert has been wandering the land as a knight errant, seeking to learn more arcane secrets and improve the world's views of the Khin nation.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Robert is a fairly average Khin in his late 20s, standing 6'5” in height and weighing 195 lbs. His skin is pale, and this combined with his short-cropped white hair and his red eyes present the appearance of a large albino human.


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