A group of travelers, including two torn from the past and one torn from another realm, seem drawn together as they try to find a way to return home or improve a desperate wasteland--though not through the same means.


Ansgar Drachelanze

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Asisyer Kali

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Robert Strauss

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Ignis, Vesper 22, 14AL Elven political assassins, Asisyer Kali and Atillis Letin’shi, are sent to assassinate what is thought to be a Pale Elf defector on his way to Wurn.
Unda, Vesper 24, 14 AL The assassins track down the Elven traitor, finding Ansgar, the Half-Khin, who kills Atillis. Before the confrontation can continue, an explosion from Calor caused by a destabilization of Arcane and Elemental magic covers the entire continent.
Unda, Vesper 11, 513 AL Hayak escapes the caverns in which his clan had been overrun, Robert had received orders to investigate the incident and seeing Hayak, follows after him to learn what he can. Asisyer and Ansgar are conjured from an arcane anomaly, just over the escorts of Rena, killing the both of them. Sadow is conjured shortly after.
Aer, Vesper 12, 513 AL The group wanders into a small town known as Nitawa. In an attempt to rob a closing arcane shop with Asisyer’s help, Sadow burns the place to the ground. Ansgar jumps through the flames to save a guard while Rena puts out the flames with magic. Through the commotion, some of the group sees a tower in the distance that reaches into the clouds. They ignore it for the night.
Vita, Vesper 13, 513 AL The rest of the party sees the tower and they decide to examine it. Inside are seven levels, each devoted to a different kind of Arcane magic: Force, Mental, Counter, Conjuration, Transmutation, and Temporal. At the end, they meet a powerful mage who points out two pockets of magic on Loroth.
Humus, Vesper 15, 513 AL The walkers arrive in Calor and are taken by the guards to the King’s Manor. King Franz Guiriale makes an attempt to recruit them into his ranks and shares with them a concern that Duke Monethion Sudai is rumored to be planning to assassinate him.
Ignis, Vesper 16, 513 AL The walkers deliver a letter from Guiriale to Monethion and spend the day befriending and planning with the Duke, who’s rumored involvement in assassination plots turns out to be true.
Unda, Vesper 17, 513 AL The walkers incite a riot, tearing down Guiriale’s name and building up Monethion’s. Before the end of the day, Guiriale’s torso is pinned to his own throne with Ansgar’s spear and Monethion takes his place.
Unda, Vesper 24, 513 The Elven lands celebrate Taestysor, the festival of the downfall of the corrupt Elven council almost five centuries ago. Over the course of a week, the walkers that had been mentioned around town in rumors and gossip came to be known as the liberators. What once was fear had become respect and adoration.
Aer, Vesper 25, 513 Asisyer travels to a small elven village called Malryn, finding an old friend and ex-Practical One, Liliana. She stands ready to fend off a Practical One until she realizes that it's Asisyer. She welcomes her old friend and catches up, though does not say why she has left the organization. The rest of the group stays in Calor and begins their training.
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