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Vital Statistics
Title The Domesticater
Divine Level Minor
Domains Nature, Domestication
Gender Female
Humanoids are a living force of Etan just as trees and beasts. The skies give to the leaves, the leaves give to the flesh, and the flesh gives to the iron. The flesh gives back to the leaves upon perishing, and the iron must give back to the flesh by protecting it.
  — Selu

Selu (SEL-oo), the Ox, is the one of the Guardians of the Mother. Each has their own belief of how Etan's wildlife should be protected, causing them to rarely see eye to eye. Unlike her siblings, Selu believes that Nature should be protected by humanoids, domesticating what needs to be used to feed civilization and taking no more than necessary.


Like the other Guardians of the Mother, Selu did not partake in the Divine Schism. Rather, she did what she could to keep nature from being harmed collaterally by the bickering. Unlike the other gods, the Schism actually brought the Guardians closer together.


Like Kanati, Selu expects mortals to use modesty. She does not want the humanoids to domesticate all of nature; rather, she wants humanoids to protect any beings they use for food or manual labor. She does not provide divine power for her followers. Instead, she wants them to grow attunted with the life of Etan that surrounds them.


Selu’s followers are mostly farmers. They have a strong and protective love for each of their farm animals. Her favored animal companion is the ox.