Eternal Gluttons
Vital Statistics
Creator Vampires
Average Height Varies
Average Weight Varies
Maturity Sterile
Life Span Ageless

Sidus are Vampires that have been starved for five centuries. Rarely are vampires starved to the point of Mens Crepusculum, or Mind's Dusk. With the lack of blood, the vampire's mind has decayed into a feral state, removing all sense of reason. Sidus will attack any creature, drinking as much of it's blood as possible and in almost every case, eating most of the innards. Although a vampire can recover from any other stage of bloodstarving, a Sidus cannot.


Sidus cannot directly come into contact with sunlight, which causes any body part to turn to ash in an instant. Because of this, they hunt only at night and stay in deep caves. They can hunt alone if the vampire was alone while he was starved, though if a group of vampires are starved together, they will form a small pack once they reach Mens Crepusculum

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sidus very loosly keep the appearance of their host, though extremely immaciated and cadaverous. They are easily mistaken for zombies, though they are not stiff and lumbering. Rather, they are dangerously nimble and quick.

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