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Vital Statistics
Title The Traitor
Divine Level Greater
Domains Treachery, Subtlety
Creations Ecanin, Orcs
Gender Male
Nerunelümo: I have been and always shall be neutral, Brother. I will not be part of your petty joke of a squabble.
Skoros: Joke? Hmm, I hadn’t thought of it like that. [Chuckling] This entire time I hadn’t considered the humor of it all. However, [Laughing] in retrospect, it’s all so hilarious.
  — One of Skoros' failed attempts to trick Nerunelümo into joining Arwaith's side.

Skoros (SKOHR-ohss), the Traitor, was the last god created by Arwaith. He was created to sow unrest among the deities and weaken them for Arwaith's return.


After the First Divine War, Arwaith realized he needed one more ally. He created Skoros and sent him to befriend the Sator and turn them against each other. Skoros rapidly befriended them and, over the years, became a trusted adviser of the Sator. Skoros used this position to spread doubt about the Sator among themselves. The Sator began to question whether creating humanity was really a great accomplishment. The Sator attempted again to to create divine life.

Their creation became unstable and had to be banished. Scoros used the failure to drive the Sator further apart. He convinced each of the Sator that they were better than the others and would be stronger on their own. Eventually, the Sator split and altered humans to create new races in their own image. Skoros convinced the Sator to pit the new races against each other to prove who was best. This resulted in the Divine Schisim.

Just before the second millennial anniversary of the First Divine War, the Sator discoved Skoros's role. Skoros was forced to retreat. When Arwaith returned, Skoros came out of hiding and attacked the Sator and Etan with Arwiath. When the Sator were being defeated, they constructed the Divine Barrier, banishing all the deities from Etan.

After the Divine Exodus, Skoros was the first to figure out how to extend his influence through the Divine Barrier. He kept it secret from everyone, including Arwaith, for several years as he created several cults on Etan.


Skoros is extremely manipulative and enjoys harmful practical jokes. He is deceitful and will act as though he has good intentions, but will eventually betray any who call him friend. He is rarely openly traitorous preferring to keep others thinking he is trustworthy. When on Etan, he takes many disguises, but his favorite is the form of a giant black spider.


Those that worship Skoros do so in secret because Skoros is despised and distrusted by nearly all of Etan. There are several cults dedicated to Skoros and spread chaos where they can, in secret. Anyone found worshiping Skoros is imprisoned and in some kingdoms, hanged. Out side of the lands governed by a nation, if a follower of Skoros is found out, he is usually found lynched the next morning.

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