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Southport is a large trading port located on the Corthin Peninsula that serves as both the capital of the Corthin Kingdom and an entry port into the Larian Sea.


Southport was founded in 1492AF by nomads and developed into a prosperous town. During the Second Divine War, Southport was all but destroyed by the chaotic seas. It was resettled in 518AL an rebuilt into a small port town. In 4627AL a priest of Tempora named Corthin found Southport as a den of thieves who worshiped many false gods. Corthin founded a temple of Tempora and began to teach the ways of temperance. His teachings managed to reform the lawless town into a place of order. Southport began to expand exponentially and eventually became one of the largest ports in the Larian Sea. During this time, Southport made Corthin the ruler of the town and he lead them on to create the Corthin Kingdom.