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Vital Statistics
Title The Elementalist
Divine Level Minor
Domains Elemental Magic
Creations Elemental Magic
Gender Male
Through the land flows the very same energy used when the Sator created the elements. I will teach you the greatness of the gods.
  — Srah

Srah (srah), the Elementalist, is considered the god of elemental magic even though he does not grant his worshipers elemental power.


When Srah arrived at Etan, he took a great interest in the elements the Sator had created Etan out of. He spent years studying the elements, trying to manipulate them like the Sator had. He was able to manipulate them, but never on the level the Sator were. He eventually decided to teach the mortals how to manipulate the elements. He found several willing mortals who showed an aptitude for elemental manipulation and set about teaching them more and more control over the elements. These mortals went on to spread the teachings which became know as elemental magic.


Srah, much like users of his magic, is rather brash and somewhat reckless. Rich in intelligence, though slightly lacking in wisdom. He does have a strong passion for those the study of the elements and enjoys spreading any information he finds.


Srah isn't really worshiped by any mortals as he is usually too wrapped up in studying the elements to grant divine powers. He does however have several followers who have a similar passion for manipulating the elements. Those who follow him call him the Father of Elemental Magic, due to his pivotal roll in spreading the ways of elemental magic throughout Etan.

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