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Vital Statistics
Title The Judicator
Divine Level Minor
Domains Temperance
Gender Female

Tempora (tem-PORR-u), the Judicator, is the goddess of temperance and believes is moderation above all things. She is a very calculated goddess and puts a lot of thought into every choice she makes.


During the Second Divine War, Tempora was a big proponent of the Divine Barrier believing it was necessary despite the fact that it would disconnect the gods from Etan.


Tempora teaches that nothing is definitively 'good' or 'bad'. Instead, all things have their place and purpose, and with judicial management, any adversity can be overcome. She believes strongly in "looking before you leap," as apposed to Faris's "act first" philosophy.

She is a very cautious individual and prefers to think first before acting. She is however one of the first to set aside predispositions and take charge of the issue at hand, despite any history that may otherwise interfere.


Tempora’s followers are mostly scholars, strategists, and judicial people. They are cool, calculated people, sometimes to the point of seeming emotionless. They often have a lengthy explanation for every action they take.

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