Thardum is a moderately-sized, bustling city within the kingdom of Sollicitus and is the seat of power within the Duchy of Airu. It is a major port city and is the largest port on non-Lithican Sollicitus.


Thardum is located within the Videlicet region in the nation of Sollicitus on the southern coast of the non-Lithican portion. It is halfway along the coast between Laetifico and the Serzhin Jungle on Cape Thardum.


Thardum has a population of approximately 10,913 citizens.

Royal FamilyEdit

Duke Dragutin Achim (46) is the current ruler of Thardum. He is married to Helena (43) who bore him four children, two sons: Matevž (26), Arn (17); and two daughters: Ginnie (22), Liana (19).

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