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Caliga and Feror
Insanity Incarnate
Vital Statistics
Title Twingods of Madness, The Melancholy/The Manic
Divine Level Minor
Domains Mental Illness
Gender Both Male

Caliga (KAL-i-gah), the Melancholy and Feror (FAIR-or), the Manic are known as the Twingods of Madness. Feror’s touch brings any high-energy mental disorder, such as epilepsy, while Caliga’s touch brings less violent ones such as depression. They enjoy causing madness in mortals and frequently challenge each other to contests to see who can cause the most madness.


Upon arriving at Etan, Feror and Caliga witnessed the curiosity that was human civilization. They immediately chose to make a wager. Whichever god could cause more chaos amongst the mortal life would be the winner of the bet. No one knew what rode on the bet, most people simply assumed the two were aiming for nothing but bragging rights. They took no part in the wars between the gods but only affected the wars while playing their own games.


Both of the Mad Gods personify their own disorders, leaving them just as disturbed as their victims. What's more disturbing is the fact that they shared avatars, their faces plastered on the back of each other's head.


Neither god really has a following or anyone that prays to them to speak of. Rather, they have their cursed victims to claim.

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