Wikia has pushed out a new skin and the old one will not be available after November 3rd. They included a tool called the Theme Designer that kinda got things looking right, but did nothing for the many templates. I've copied Common.css (what used to be the style sheet used by all skins) and Monaco.css (the old skin style sheet) to Wikia.css (the new style sheet) and that mostly restored the templates, but not completely.

The former method of testing css changes in a user page so only the specific user sees the changes no longer works. Because of this, the changes have to be done live and any problems created will be visible to everyone.

I have set up a project to correct any issues that have arrived from the new skin. If you see any issues that need to be fixed, please leave a comment on the project talk page.

- Ivan284 22:52, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

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