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Vital Statistics
Title The Guardian
Status Alive
Divine Level Minor
Domains Protection
Creations The Council of Valdûn,
The Divine Barrier
Gender Male
From the world, a gift of Seven,
Men of Greatness brought to Heaven
  — Valdûn

Valdûn, the Guardian, is the god of protection. He created a band of mortals to provide the mortals the means to protect themselves when the gods were not enough. He is also considered the father of the Divine Barrier.


When Valdûn arrived at Etan, he found a small clan of deities watching over this small world. He instantly took it upon himself to protect this world and swore an oath of honor that he would do so. When Arwaith demanded that the Sator destroy creation, he was the first to protest.

When Arwaith's return began the Second Divine War, Valdûn was immediately ready to jump to the defense of Etan. He also felt that the races of Etan should help in their own defense and proposed that every friendly race have some of their champions elevated to a demi-deity level to represent and protect their mortal companions. The greatest of these champions formed the Council of Valdûn. As Arwaith came closer to his goal of Etan's destruction, it was Valdûn who came up with the last ditch idea to save Etan: The Divine Barrier.


Valdûn is very careful and vigilant in his protection of Etan. He can be stubborn and will easily loose his temper with anyone who does not, in his mind, respect Etan. He is however, a very careful and wise deity as well.


Valdûn has many followers, especially among paladins and guards. Arbitrators and diplomats will also pray to Valdûn due to his role in forming a coalition of the races. Many pray to him for assistance when they need a guardian or protector in hopes that he sends one of the extuli.