Vampire Dragons
Vampire Dragon
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Vital Statistics
Creator FNORD
Average Height 4-6 inches
Average Weight 1.5 ounces
Maturity 15
Life Span 300

One of the more intelligent feral demi-dragons, Vampire Dragons are not capable of learning languages, though they are easily trained. Their nature leads them to be commonly misunderstood, though they are easily loyal with proper training. Necromancers have also given them a bad name, often taking them in as pets while giving them a reputation of being necromantic fiends. An untrained Vampire Dragon will ignore a conscious, non-violent traveler, but when he or she falls asleep, the dragon will harmlessly feast on his or her blood, taking only what it needs and far from a lethal amount. In spite of their tiny appearance, the Vampire Dragon is capable of surviving a solid swat from a humanoid.

NOTE:Vampire Dragons do not have, spread, or contract Porphyric Hemophilia

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