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Vital Statistics
Title The Passionate
Status Unknown
Divine Level Racial
Gender Male

Volkhüter (folk-HYU-ter), the Passionate was once a Khin with a strong passionate care for his home, Etan and all the life on it. He was uplifted into an extuli and sat on the Council of Valdûn.


Volkhüter was raised in the Feur Wurf (fyur vurf) Zunft, gaining him powerful skills as a pyromancer. As he set out on his pilgrimage, he promised to return with something great, that will help not just Khinreich, but all of Etan. Upon his return, he confessed that he had hardly spent any time observing other races. Rather, he had spent his ten-year journey practicing his magic in the wilderness and hardly traveling at all. He created his own Zunft, Die Rot Vormünder (dee rote vor-MYUN-der), or "The Red Guardian," the only Zunft that left Khinreich as a group. They marched west and became an elemental army based in the city of Kindle. The passionate nature of Die Rot Vormünder was witnessed by Valdûn, who branded each of the Khin warriors with Chorrah. As a god brands a mortal with a Chorrah, the mortal becomes a divine being. Due to Volkhüter being the leader of the army, he was given the khin seat on Valdûn's council.


Volkhüter was so passionate about protecting Etan that he effectively denied the tradition of his pilgrimage and simply honed his skills in magic. He also broke the tradition of keeping Zünfte in Khinreich and led many premature Khin outside their nation. He was seen as trouble until he became established as a protector of Etan. None of this affected him, however. He simply had a passion to protect the world and life on it.


Volkhüter's mortal followers were mostly Khin. They included elementalists and passionate Khin knights.

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